Whether a new arrival or a returning visitor to Angel Island, it is worth thinking about buying a ticket for one of the Angel Island Tram Tours. These tours offer a scenic and informative way to get a first glimpse of the island. If you’ve been here before, you’ll find your experience more enjoyable as you’re treated to a historical account of significant areas around Angel Island. Open sided and thus exposed to the open air, the trams are perfect for allowing yourself a lungful of nature and a gentle ride as you relax and let your inner shutter bug loose.

The Tram Tour follows the Perimeter Road, a five mile paved route that makes a complete circuit of Angel Island. Your adventure will take approximately one hour and has a professionally produced audio history of the island, which plays over the tram’s audio system while the tour is in progress. You’ll make a brief stop at Battery Ledyard, which was built on the site of an earlier Civil War battery. A military coastal defense was maintained at this site until the final gun was deactivated in 1915 and has since then been a significant point of interest for visitors, not least due to the outstanding views afforded by Battery’s location.

As the tram pulls up to Battery Ledyard, be sure to grab your camera as you step off to stretch your legs. From this point you can see fantastic and unique views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco and Alcatraz from an entirely original angle – the middle of the San Francisco Bay! Don’t hang around too long though as there is still much more to see as the Perimeter Road swings around to give you coastal views of Oakland and Berkley, before starting the final stretch back towards Ayala Cove.

You can find out more about our fun and informative Tram Tours here. They run twice a day from Ayala Cove and are a part of the quirk and appeal of the Bay area. This one is definitely a tour to bump up your list if you want to be treated to unique nature, history and a relaxing day out for everyone in your party. We look forward to seeing you aboard the tram on Angel Island!