Cafe Renovation

When my crew took over operation of the cove cafe in 2008 the facility was in big need of a overhaul. Enter my good friends Shawn Hall and Jann Eyrich. Shawn and Jann have been creating wonderful spaces for years in the bay area most often in upscale restaurants in San Francisco and wine country but I convinced them to turn their amazing talent lose in my humble cafe. They transformed the place, built me and office out of tin and salvaged doors and did most of the work with “green” salvaged materials. Our “new look” has an old weathered feel which ties in wonderfully with the history of the island. My favorite piece is a 100 year old counter top salvaged from a hardware store in Sabastapol. It makes me happy just looking at it…

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  1. Nadya Says:

    Cafe looks fantastic! I’ve been there a couple weeks ago. Really good job. :)

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