Hog Island Oysters

If you’ve lived in the bay area for any length of time you’ve probably heard of Hog Island Oysters and hopefully eaten a whole  bunch! The farm is in west marin on Tomales Bay and the signature oyster from Hog Island is called the sweetwater. It’s a Pacific  oyster (the common variety grown on the west coast) but Hog Island named it “sweetwater” after the Creek that flows into the bay r  right where the farm is situated.  The idea being that the cold fresh creek water combined with the salty briny bay water lends to the  “sweetness ” of the oyster. All I know is that it’s a darn good oyster—I’m originally from Louisiana and have eaten my share of  oysters but something about the clean, watermelony, briney taste of the sweetness of the taste of sweetwater…enough of all  this…you’ll just have to come eat one yourself at the Cove Cantina this summer June-September. My friends at Hog Island are  supplying the oysters all summer and we’ll be shucking and grilling Saturday’s and Sunday’s on the harbor view deck.

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  4. Dee Says:

    This year I decided the serve only Hog Island Oysters in the Cantina. You can’t beat them for freshness—they are literally pulled from Tomales Bay on Friday and you could be eating them on Saturday morning. We cook them on the grill or serve them raw with our own version of “hogwash”. The Cantina is open on Saturdays and Sundays 11-5.

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