The park is open 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset however unless you have your own boat you will need to ride a ferry to the island and the ferry schedules are seasonal.
Blue and Gold from San Francisco and the Angel Island Ferry from Tiburon
We do not recommend missing the last ferry. It’s very expensive to get you off the island. A private boat will need to be chartered to take you back to the city.
No, but there are nine (9) campgrounds which are a good hike from the ferry. All campsites can be reserved at
No, unfortunately, all boat slips and moorings are first come first serve. You can stay overnight on the moorings but all boats have to leave the slips at sunset.
Only service dogs are allowed on Angel Island.
There are two lots closest to the ferry, one to the left and one to the right however they are also the most expensive. If price is important arrive early and park in one of the bank parking lots (weekends) and walk down to the ferry. There is a free public lot on Mar West. It’s about a 9 minute walk to the ferry.
You cannot make reservations with a Groupon certificate. Please come to the Angel Island Café and present your Groupon voucher (on your phone is fine) and we will give you a tram ticket. To guarantee a seat it is best to take the first ferry to the island.
Yes, but you are not guaranteed a seat once you get off. If you do decide to get off the tram, please let the driver know when boarding and retain you ticket.
Only if there is room. If the tram is sold out you can leave the stroller behind the fence at the tram boarding area.
Most definitely! It’s fun and educational.
It stops briefly at the entrance but it does not go down into the station. If you choose to get off the tram at the USIS you can catch a shuttle back to the cove (they depart at 12:45 and 3:00 with pick ups at the bathroom) or you can walk back to the cove, which is less than a mile downhill.
No the prices are the same and please book online.
Yes, 20% off with active military identification card.
No, we do not have child carrier seats and unfortunately, you can not attach a seat to one of our bikes.
Yes, but we do not have bikes with training wheels.
At a leisurely pace, the ride around the island takes about an hour. However, there are several very steep hills.
Anyone under 18 years of age is required to wear a helmet and a parent or guardian present to sign the forms.
Yes, you can with a signature on a liability form. You will be charged for a full day rental and the bike is due back to the bike shed by 10am the following morning. If you want to keep it longer you are charged the hourly rate until the bike is returned.
No, but there are bike racks at the top of the hill where you can leave you bike.
No, state park regulations require that you stay on the marked accessible roads on Angel Island.
No. It’s first come, first serve.
The trams are wheelchair accessible. Please email us from the contact page 24 hours on advance that you would like to ride the tram. Unfortunately, we do not have carts available to rent due to liability concerns.