Being the the middle of the San Francisco Bay on an island is an extraordinary sight,
especially having the opportunity to see a 360° view of the bay on a full island tour via Segway. It’s without a doubt that are Segway tours are the best way to get a one-of-a-kind feel for the island, having the crisp air stroke across your face while zipping up and down the island’s hills. But don’t worry – If you’ve never ridden a Segway, you’ll get a crash course from one of our awesome tour guides to make sure you’re a professional by the start of the tour. And age limits? That’s no worry; As long as you’re over 16 years old, you’re eligible for this awesome ride. Become an Angel Island extraordinare with the help of one of our tour guides; Freda is sure to get you as excited about the island’s history as she is! You won’t leave unsatisfied after seeing the island in a unique and fun way.



On our tours you’ll not only see beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, but you will also see unbelievable, picture perfect views of the Oakland Bay Bridge and Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Not to mention you’ll be overlooking the beautiful waterfront cities of San Francisco, Sausalito, Belvedere, Tiburon and as many more as your eyesight allows you. And if you’re lucky, you might run into our family of geese currently residing on the island! Our tour guides will give you a few moments to snap some great photos on the lookouts along the way. Luckily, in the summer days the bay area fog clears up rather early!


Get the most out of this unique tour by booking a reservation with your friends, your loved ones or your special someone; groups of ten or less are permitted at once. Be sure to book early; tours on Saturdays and Sundays in summer fill up fast! And after your tour, the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out what we have to do Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the Angel Island Cantina.

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