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Angel Island - The United States Immigration Station

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Visit the U.S. Immigration Station on Angel Island, in operation from 1910-1940. The Station served as the main immigration processing center for hundreds of thousands of immigrants from all over the world looking to start a new life in America. A direct result of the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, the U.S. Immigration Station detained immigrants an average of two weeks while they endured interrogations, medical exams, and more for no reason sometimes other than their national origin.

Today the U.S. Immigration Station serves as a house museum dedicated to interpreting  and making connections between the experiences of those who made the journey to America over 100 years ago and the continuing story of immigration in America today. 

General Information: (415) 435-5537.

Tour Reservations: please email Tours.angelisland@parks.ca.gov.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is available from the Angel Island Café for $5 at 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. For more information on shuttle service, please contact the Angel Island Café at (415) 435-3392.

Guided Tours

For the most current information about guided tours, tour schedule, and fees, please visit United States Immigration Station Tours.