America’s independence day celebration is right around the corner, and although I have seen firework shows for over 20+ years in my short life on this memorable day, I feel as if I always seem to forget some of the most basic necessities to enjoy these cold nights and luminescent skies. It may seem easy to plan accordingly in a quick manner just hours before the firework show of your choice, but some things that might be considered ‘must haves’ need a little planning! That’s why I’ve decided to make a list of ten things I find very valuable, necessary or just plain fun to have for the 2015 San Francisco Bay Area fireworks show viewed on Angel Island. I mean, when else can you see panoramic firework views of San Francisco, Marin County and the East Bay? This year, the night of the 4th is averaged to be around a crisp 57 degrees when the fireworks are planned to start, meaning the number one most important aspect to our list is…


No matter where you are in the San Francisco Bay, a Saturday night is always going to be a chilly adventure, especially when you are outside for a few hours enjoying a fireworks show. The key is blankets! It’s always a good idea to have a blanket for each person in your family or friend group, as well as a larger blanket for everyone to sit on together. Our July 4th experience at Angel Island includes a round-trip tram ride from Ayala Cove to Battery Ledyard, which overlooks the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge. The Battery Ledyard has plenty of open spots for large blankets to sit on. As long as you have some helping hands, this is your best bet to stay warm throughout the show!

2. Your Appetite

14679399822_93f35c3ede_kOnce you depart from Tiburon and head to Angel Island, you are headed directly for the life of the party: Ayala Cove. Not to mention departure time from Tiburon is 5:00 PM sharp, a perfect time to enjoy a tasty dinner! At the Angel Island Cantina, you can find an awesome meal for every member of the family. And if interested, we have our Way Down South Dinner Buffet on the Cantina Deck for an additional fee (more information here).

3. Your Camera

I mean, how else are you going to capture the memories of the San Francisco firework show at one of the best viewing spots in the bay area?

4. A Reusable Mug for Warm Delights

14677439064_07e17e2cbf_kDid someone say Expresso Menu? That’s right, we’ve got the best espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates for you to bring to your front row fireworks seats after dark. We’d be glad to fill your reusable mug, or if your hands are already full, we have plenty of disposable cups for your pleasure.

5. Glowsticks

Glowsticks are amusing and some safe fun to bring for the kids. They fit in perfect with the colorful fireworks, and your kids can wear them and be easily spotted by wearing certain colored glowsticks!

6. A Flashlight

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to set up your seating arrangement in the pitch dark while holding your cell phone light to the ground to try to see what’s beneath you. Bring a flashlight along your escapades to easily set up your seating, find things in your bag and more.

14709754895_fb57856a4c_h7. Bugspray

There’s no doubt that summer nights spent outside are notorious for finding multiple bug bites on you or your children in the morning. Take the precautionary step so that this doesn’t happen and load up on the bugspray before you get to the island!

8. Binoculars

Even though you’re already going to be at one of the best places to view fireworks in the bay area, it’s always fun to bring binoculars to see a unique, extremely close up perspective of the fireworks. Take turns sharing them with your whole group, and see the firework’s details like never before!

9. Earplugs (For the little ones!)

You never know if your child will be scared of the noise of fireworks, or if you do, being prepared and bringing earplugs could be one of your best ideas. You might find that you too even want to wear them; Fireworks are loud, so prepare accordingly!

10. Fun Games!

Although the 4th of July is surround by awesome fireworks, live music and the great outdoors, the 4th is a time to come together with family and friends and spend some quality time with eachother. One of the best ways to do this in an outdoor setting is to bring fun games everyone can enjoy: frisbees to throw around, a football or baseball to catch back and forth, a deck of cards for unlimited card games for multiple people, etc. Ayala Cove has plenty of room for all these outdoor activities, and couldn’t be a better place to spend your 4th of July celebrations.

Find out more about our 2015 4th of July Event here.