One of the best times to visit the island is when the Angel Island Cantina is open on the sunny weekends of June-October. The Cantina not only pleases your taste buds with its made to order, fresh ingredients and secret sauces, but it also entertains your ears with personally selected solo, duo and trio artists to rock out the Cantina deck from 2-4:30PM every weekend. Sponsored by our good friends and IPA specialists from the Lagunitas Brewing Company, you can enjoy Lagunitas on tap or multiple other bottled beers that we offer. We also have a great selection of notable Pinots, Sauvignons and Chardonnays to fit to everyone’s likings (there’s also assorted sodas and drinks for the kids!). Even though we could talk forever about the experience of our Angel Island Cantina, we’ve nailed it down to 3 reasons why you have to come to the Cantina deck this summer.

1. Hog. Island. Oysters.

We’re not talking just any kind of oysters. These oysters are delivered fresh from Hog Island Oyster Co. in Tomales Bay. The cleanliness of Tomales Bay allows for these oysters to grow to perfection naturally, while our Cantina includes our special touch of cilantro citrus dressing infused inside each oyster. Our staff shucks each oyster plate made to order, ensuring our seafood arrives to you as fresh as possible. These hand-raised, sustainable oysters are certain to knock your taste buds out of the park. In addition to our Hog Island oysters, our wide selection of other Cantina favorites such as shrimp ceviche, tilapia tacos and our grilled “mexi corn” are also great choices when enjoying the next reason you have to join us at the Cantina this year: the live music.


2. The Live Music Experience

Every Saturday and Sunday from June-August, the Cantina hosts live music events from 2-4:30 PM on the deck for entertainment, enjoyment and an overall relaxing afternoon. All music styles are featured throughout summer, with our personally selected artists from surrounding cities rocking the deck with each of their unique styles. Whether it be reggae rock or bluegrass jazz, our artists are bound to throw in some awesome cover songs that you will recognize and love. Pictured above is Todos Santo, an island favorite and a remarkable acoustic trio with a music style recognized as “Cantina Americana”. And if you’re brave enough, our deck is just big enough that in case you get those dancing feet you’re more than welcome to tango! Nothing beats these awesome tunes like some great weather to enjoy them with, which leads us to our last reason why we’ll see you on the island this year…

3. The Best Weather of the Year

It’s without a doubt that summer is the best few months to plan a visit to the island because of the perfect weather, usually sitting in between 65-80 degrees comfortably. The island is blessed with the fact that barely any fog rolls in throughout these summer months (especially in the afternoon), and so the amazing views the island holds are easily seen at almost any time throughout the day. If you’re planning on spending a few hours listening to music at the Cantina deck this summer, we recommend shorts and a t-shirt for the hot summer days. But don’t forget a pair of pants and closed–toes shoes if you are looking into doing one of our Segway tours, and make sure you also remember to bring a jacket if you are taking the ferry from San Francisco!


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