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Come glide around Angel Island on the coolest machine in the world while our awesome segway tour guides lead you on a fun and informative journey around Angel Island.

Our segway tour guides offer informative, historical, and current day information about the fascinating history of Angel Island through a rich sampling of unique and fascinating stories. For example, the Nike Missile site was decommissioned as soon it was installed at the end of the Cold War—the idea being that Nike Missiles would intercept incoming Russian bombs. At the end of WWII 57,000 men were processed through East Garrison a major return depot for returning WWII soldiers. Briefly prisoners from WWII were also detained here.

Along the way you’ll see The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the beautiful San Francisco Skyline.

There are amazing photo opportunities as you glide around the six (6) mile paved perimeter road starting with views of Tiburon and ending with views of the San Rafael Bridge.  Our segway tour guides are known for outstanding personal service.

Each segway tour begins with an orientation session, so you will be comfortable on your segway. Riding a segway is intuitive and easy to learn. No previous segway experience required. Click here to book your segway tour.

Segway Tour Info


10:30am and 1:30pm. Weekends Only.


Please no shorts, dresses or open toed shoes. No one under 16 may ride a segway.

PRICE: $85.00(2 hours)

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