In the heart of the San Francisco Bay, immersed in nature and surrounded by idyllic views while offering a long list of daily activities, Angel Island is far from a one trick pony. For the active nature lovers among you, there are biking and hiking trails. For those looking to relax, there are history tours and delicious Hog Island Oysters. For visitors who feel at home in the outdoors, we have a treat: Angel Island has no fewer than eleven camp sites situated on it; one of which is an ADA site accessible to those with disabilities. If you’re planning on spending some time kayaking around the island, Angel Island has designated a kayak campsite just for you.

A simple trek for experienced campers used to driving hours out into the wilds, each of these sites is easily accessible with the farthest being only 2.5 miles from the dock. These sites offer a perfect retreat for those hoping to fit a lot of what Angel Island has to offer in to one day. It is much easier to tire yourself out during the day if you know the commute home can wait until tomorrow. Better still, you have a second chance to get some more of our activities under your belt if you have the next day to enjoy yourself, too!

In addition to the convenience, the campsites at Angel island have a wide array of benefits to offer for visiting photographers. The island is the perfect spot from which to get a unique sunset shot from the heart of the San Francisco Bay. At night, the sky will be lit by the urban attractions that surround the island, making for some breathtaking night shots.

The Angel Island campsites accommodate up to eight people each and have tables, running water, toilets, food lockers and a barbeque. Please only bring charcoal or a stove, as no wood fires are allowed on the island. Additionally, we recommend that you use some method of securing your food just in case the local wildlife decide to have a midnight snack. Finally, please remember that Angel Island is a state park and as such it would be appreciated if the campsites were to be left as you would like to find them, ready for the next weary traveler.

Camping on Angel Island offers a rare chance to make a little piece of nature feel like home and to see the spectacular Bay area from the inside at night. We hope to see you traipsing along the trails with your tents sometime very soon. Enjoy your stay!

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