Giving Back. Ceres Community Project Marin

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Ceres’ Marin project has been creating a healthy community around whole, sustainable food since the fall of 2010. They do it by bringing local teens into the kitchen, connecting them with healthy food knowledge and real cooking skills, and giving [...]

How to pick the perfect location for you next corporate outing

By |2018-02-15T18:42:17+00:00January 17th, 2016| Determining the location of a corporate outing can be overwhelming and stressful depending on the expectations of your company, your boss and your fellow workers. There are many considerations when choosing a destination your next corporate outing. Work [...]

10 Things to Remember to Bring on the 4th of July

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America's independence day celebration is right around the corner, and although I have seen firework shows for over 20+ years in my short life on this memorable day, I feel as if I always seem to forget some of the [...]

Segway Saturdays: The Views, the History, the Experience

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Being the the middle of the San Francisco Bay on an island is an extraordinary sight, especially having the opportunity to see a 360° view of the bay on a full island tour via Segway. It's without a [...]

Camping Out On Angel Island

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In the heart of the San Francisco Bay, immersed in nature and surrounded by idyllic views while offering a long list of daily activities, Angel Island is far from a one trick pony. For the active nature lovers among you, [...]

All Aboard the Ferry to Angel Island!

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Situated in the center of the San Francisco Bay lies the beautiful wildlife preserve and state park that is Angel Island. In many ways, the unparalleled views and rich history put Angel Island at the Bay's heart in more than [...]

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