The Best Hikes In San Francisco – Angel Island
by San Francisco Travel

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Angel Island offers an abundance of hiking opportunities. Whether you take a guided hike or head out on your own…

Angel Island State Park offers one of the best ways to see San Francisco.

Work up a sweat and learn some fascinating history on a hike to the United States Immigration Station. The hike is slightly strenuous and includes 144 trail stairs beginning and ending in Ayala Cove. Once at the site of the United States Immigration Station, hikers can tour the grounds and outdoor interpretive displays, as well as visit the USIS museum to see the restored detention areas and Chinese poetry engraved on the walls. Hike participants eat lunch at the beach and then head back to the cove. Hike distance is approximately two (2) miles roundtrip.

North Ridge Trail.

As you near the summit, there’s a sign for a spur that leads to Mt. Livermore. This final section is not long and there are a number of picnic tables at the summit that provide the perfect spot for you to enjoy your lunch and take in the views of the Alcatraz, The San Francisco skyline, the Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate.

Once you’re ready to return, retrace your path and find the Sunset Trail to your right. Follow it all the way back down to the docks at Ayala Cove. Reward yourself on the ferry ride back with a cold beverage of your choosing.

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