Whether you’re looking to have a moderate, well-balanced active day hiking or you are looking for something to do that the whole family can enjoy, hiking Mount Livermore is a fun and priceless activity that will let you see a full 360 degree view on the San Francisco Bay Area. And you’re in luck! September and October are the best months to experience this view. With temperatures being in the mid to high 60’s and low 70’s, these late summer and early fall months are chosen to be the best months to hike. I mean, who wants to hike atop this 788 foot peak and be clouded by loads of morning fog?

Mt. Livermore was named after a very memorable conservationist to Angel Island named Caroline Livermore, who was prominent in the campaign to create Angel Island State Park. Today, Mt. Livermore serves as the highest point on Angel Island, and is almost 6 miles roundtrip from Ayala Cove to the summit. When starting at Ayala Cove, you have two hiking options: the North Ridge Trail and the Sunset Trail. The North Ridge Trail immerses you directly into island shrub following blue belly lizards, plentiful oak trees and dry dirt pathways; things that are merely thought of as imagination in the busy San Francisco lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by San Francisco’s notorious cold weather: this hike relishes the dry, hot climate that the northern bay area receives once you start hiking towards the summit.

The Sunset trail takes you through an easier, more grounded path, and on the Sunset Trail your views of San Francisco are endless; magnificent views of the Golden Gate and beyond will fascinate you throughout your whole hike. This is a perfect trail to take if you are motivated by watching your elevation climb with each step you take. Both hikes intersect about a mile away from the top of Mount Livermore, allowing you to take one path up and than a different path down.

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Atop of Mount Livermore, an unlimited amount of view and plenty of picnic tables for lunch await you. You can never go wrong with an Angel Island veggie wrap while overlooking this view. (And not to mention, they’re delicious!) Just grab one at the Angel Island Cafe “to go”, and our friendly staff will wrap any menu item they can for your hike. Be sure to hike on a Saturday or Sunday in September or October to experience the Angel Island Cantina on your way back down to Ayala Cove! Live music is playing every Saturday & Sunday from 2-4:30pm (thanks to our music sponsor Lagunitas Brewing Co). A Lagunitas IPA or cold beverage of your choice await you at the bottom. Good luck!


For those interested in a guided hike tour, click below to view information about our guided hike to the USIS Museum: